Anytime money is involved it is always best to beware of potential scams. Scams affect thousands of individuals every day, making it hard for individuals to trust in the system. These days one could easily be blindsided without even thinking twice. If it is too good to be true, it probably is. Investigate every transaction and ensure it is legit. Avoid the 2 common ways bail bond agents will try to scam you.bail bond scams

  • Bail Bond Solicitors Outside Jail – Some bail bondsmen will call potential clients and solicit their business even though it is illegal. Suspicion is your best friend if the agent refuses to divulge where they received your information from.
  • Bail Bond Solicitors in Jail– No only do state law regulate the amount required for payment of bail bonds, but they also regulate when and how bail bondsmen can solicit their business. Ensure if someone is coming to talk to you or your loved one about their bail services, during non-solicitation hours, then they probably aren’t running a reliable business you should be working with. If they are risking to lose their license to solicit their business, stay away!


Many people fall victim to bail bond scams. Scams like these typically come from people saying “pay this amount or go back to jail.” They will normally have you wire the amount through a bank and not to the actual company. That is your first clue that this could be a potential scam. Also, ensure the phone number and business they are calling from are legit. Call that business to see if that person works there. Get their name and credentials. Do you research before you fall victim to a bail bond scams. Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds ensures reliable service and provides a licensed and experienced staff to help you with your bail bond needs.

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