Bail is a security, that may or may not include monetary conditions, deposited with the court by a defendant as a guarantee he or she will be present for all of their court proceedings during pretrial release. Except for murder and certain violent crimes, most defendants charged with a crime are eligible for bail, allowing them to avoid being detained while waiting for trial and other court dates.

Changes in Bail Bonds In Colorado

In 2013, the Colorado legislature enacted new laws concerning a pretrial system that moves away from the use of money for bail and towards individual determinations and the use of evidence-based predictors. The shift in bail bond rules is due in part to research that the use of secured money bonds does not add to court appearance or public safety rates. With research, data, and analytics allowing for the development of pretrial risk assessment tools that better predict successful pretrial release, the move from a “gut instinct” based bail setting system to a scientific and objective based system furthers the criminal justice system’s goals of increasing public safety and reducing crime.

Through research and data, the development of the Colorado Pretrial Assessment Tool (CPAT) provides guidance to judges for setting bail by identifying which defendants are most likely to be a threat to public safety or fail to appear for a court date during the pretrial period. CPAT takes into account twelve factors identified as the most statistically significant in predicting an individual’s success on pretrial release.

The 2013 change in laws about bail bonds in Colorado allows for a more equitable determination of bail, reducing the unnecessary detainment of a defendant because he or she may not have the financial resources to meet a monetary bail condition. By looking at the individual defendant’s overall situation and applying the CPAT, courts may avoid unnecessary pretrial detainment, which is beneficial to the system overall.

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