Finding yourself in trouble with the law can often be an embarrassing experience. Even the best of us are prone to making poor decisions every once in a while. If those bad choices end up getting you involved with the law, you may want the issue resolved as quickly and quietly as possible. In these cases, posting your own bail will often be your best bet in correcting the situation in the most private manner. If you don’t have the money available at that moment, however, you may wonder… Can you post bail bonds for yourself?

Well, yes and no.

Just like when you apply for a car loan, a bail bondsman needs to assess the risk of loaning you money. You wouldn’t give a buddy twenty bucks if you knew he wasn’t ever going to pay you back, right? It’s the same concept. Let’s say that you’re a pretty stand-up individual: you have lived in the area for quite some time, your credit is good, and you have a steady job. You have one too many, get behind the wheel, and get pulled over by an officer. Because of your steady financial situation, a bail bondsman may allow you to be the lone cosigner on your bonds, especially if it is your first offense. If you own a home, especially one that is equal to or greater than the amount of your bail, you are even more likely to not require another signer.

However, let’s say the opposite of this is true. You’re new in town, you’ve had run ins with the police before, you are currently unemployed, and your credit is in a slump… because your personal equity is insecure and erratic, a bail bondsman will likely require another signature. If you don’t have any friends or family in the area, you may be required to contact someone else for a cosign, or you won’t be able to post bail.

No matter your situation, the most important thing to remember during is time is to be honest with your bondsman. We all have problems sometimes; if you are in financial straits, say so. If you don’t own a home, don’t tell a bondsman that you do. The truth will always come out during research, and being caught in a lie will only make you seem untrustworthy. If you need additional assistance, a bail bondsman will often have information on other sources that can support you in your time of need.

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