Making the Right Choice: Selecting a Reputable Bail Bondsman

Imagine this: You receive a call in the middle of the night. Groggy, you pick up the phone to be told by police that a friend or family member is in jail. As you snap awake, you are told the amount needed for your loved one to post bail, well outside of what you can afford in the moment. Looking up what your options are, you learn about bail bondsman and how they can help you make the payment. Once you have that information in your pocket, you select the first bondsman you find online. After all, getting your loved one back to their normal life is the most important thing, right?
Not so fast.

What to Look for in a Bail Bondsman

We never plan for in getting in trouble with the law. It’s a disorienting experience. But it’s no justification for being uninformed. A reputable and reliable bail bondsman can be a great benefit during a difficult time. How do you make sure you’re soliciting the service of someone worth their salt?

Do Your Homework

Most importantly, you need to do your research. Is your Bail Bondsman licensed? A quick phone call to bondsman office will determine this. Are they backed by the Better Business Bureau? Check with the BBB directly to make certain. How long have they been providing their services in the area? Local knowledge can be a great benefit in navigating the neighborhood intricacies of the law. What is their standing with the Department of Insurance? What do people who have used their services say about them online? While none of this information guarantees the credibility of your bondsman, it certainly helps with their overall integrity.

Trust Your Gut

If you determine your Bondsman is trustworthy, the next step is reaching out. When you speak with them, do they help you understand the process and answer your questions, or are they stern and cold in their response? Do they appreciate your individual needs? Do they help you build a repayment plan, with different timings and payment options best suited to you? Or are you given a standard, one-sized-fits-all approach to your bond? Are they compassionate while remaining professional? Keeping tabs on these intangible elements, the things you can’t associate numbers too, can go a long way in determining someone’s credibility. If it doesn’t feel right to you, don’t go with it.

Landing in jail yourself or having a loved one in custody can be frightening and alienating. Working with a Bondsman doesn’t have to be. It’s important to work quickly, but it’s much more important to work intelligently.

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