As a premier bail bondsman in the greater Colorado Springs area Dennis Blackwell specializes in bail services. We are familiar with all types of bail bonds and think it is important for our clients to understand the different types of bail bonds as well.

Collectively there are 3 different common types of bail bonds. Each one plays a significant role in how your bail is assessed. The most common types of bail bonds include appearance bonds, personal recognizance bonds and property bonds. Each play a different role in the court system.

Appearance bonds, also known as cash bonds, are the most common type of bail bond. This allows for a relative, friend or bail bonding agent to post bail on the defendants behalf. Anyone can post a cash bail, but it will also be returned at the end of the case provided the defendant shows up to court. If a person is unable to provide cash bail, then contacting a professional bail bondsman like Dennis Blackwell is the way to go for assistance.

The second most common type of bail bond is personal recognizance bond. In this case the defendant is released from custody and then responsible for showing up on the allotted court date and will not be forced to pay bail. This must be authorized by a court and eliminates the need to deposit any assets. Failing to appear at any court proceedings will initiate an arrest warrant on the defendant.

The last most common type of bail bond is a property bond. Property bonds, if allowed by the court, can deposit valued property to assure appearance at all court proceedings. If posted the court is given a lien on the chosen property which can contribute to an obstacle to foreclosure. These type of bonds can only be retrieved by the court and are then held with the clerk until a verdict has been decided upon. The requirements and procedures associated with property bonds can vary between jurisdictions.

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