When it comes to types of bail bonds, cash bonds are the most common. Taking advantage of this type of bond means someone posts bail on your behalf to get you out of jail until it is time to go to court. Once you do and your case is processed, the cash is returned to the person who posted bail. These type of bonds are also known as appearance bonds, since they are based on court appearances.

The next most common type of bail bond is known as a personal recognizance bond. A Personal Recognizance (PR) bond is also known as Own Recognizance (OR) bond, and sometimes referred to as “no cost bail”. With this type of bond, a person is released from custody and is not required to post bail. They are, however, responsible for showing up on their specified court date, and must sign a release form stating this promise in writing. The person is then released from custody based on their promise to appear in court and abide by any conditions of release set by the court.

An example of a common condition of release is that the defendant is not allowed to leave the area before their appointed court date. This type of bond must be authorized by a court. Personal recognizance or own recognizance bonds are often issued for minor violations of law such as traffic violations or other minor infractions. No matter how “minor” the violation, however, if a defendant does not show up to court on the appointed date, an arrest warrant will be issued for them.

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