Pre-Trial Release Isn’t What It Used To Be

Have you heard of Pre-trial Release? Most taxpayers know little about it and yet they are the ones who fund the program. Pre-trial release is when a criminal defendant is released from jail at no cost to the defendant. This is usually done by local government entities. The program is funded by local tax dollars and most of them have a budget exceeding $1 million dollars. That is a lot of money that tax payers didn’t even know they were financing.

Pre-trial Release was originally created for defendants who had committed less serious crimes and did not have enough money for bail. Today people who have committed violent crimes and can afford bail are the ones who are reaping the benefits of the Pre-trial Release program. While it may have been created with good intentions, the program no longer operates that way.

There are many downsides to the Pre-trial Release program, including the fact that many defendants do not show up to court after being released. Police are then tasked with tracking down the absentee from court. Unfortunately, cases like these are marked as a low priority, so many still remain at large over a year later. No one is held financially responsible for the defendant’s actions.

On the other hand, bail bondsman are held responsible for making sure that their client shows up for court. This distinction puts the emphasis on the bail bondsman ensuring the defendant gets bail rather than making the taxpayers the ones who are actually paying the price for the defendant’s release. According to less than 3% of defendants become fugitives when out on commercial bail and that method does not cost the taxpayers extra. This means saving taxpayers money and a lower fugitive rate.

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