Judicial Welfare to Pay for Bail

Judicial Welfare to Pay for Bail

Most people who are charged with a crime can afford to pay for a bondsman. At Dennis Blackwell we have been issuing bail bonds for over two decades and we’ve seen people from all walks of life apply for and retain a bond.

However, recent programs enacted by some local and state governments have begun to allow defendants to get out of jail without paying any money to the court. Personal Recognizance and other pretrial release programs allow persons charged with a crime to be released from jail at no cost to themselves. Unfortunately, the pretrial release programs are not entirely free. Someone does have to pay the court and that someone is you and I.

Defendants must first go through a Pre Trial release program to determine their eligibility to be released from jail before trial. If they are deemed eligible for Judicial Welfare, the entire process through the court system will be funded by American tax dollars. This includes the bond money that is paid to the court to guarantee a defendant’s appearance AND the attorney fees required to retain the services of a public defender.

Keep in mind that judicial welfare benefits are not reserved for those that may have trouble paying court fees, the reward system is not based on income, employment history, or number of dependents. Instead, judicial welfare is granted based on the likelihood that a defendant will follow the rules of the court. How much research is done into the defendant’s personal reliability? One pretrial interview.

If you are a tax payer and you disagree with your tax dollars being used for pretrial release programs we encourage you to make your voice heard! Call or write your local politician and ask him or her to bring the issue to the attention of policy makers.


Dishonesty Runs Thick Through Competitor’s Tactics

Dishonesty Runs Thick Through Competitor’s Tactics

Hiring an honest bail bondsman can provide more benefits than simply getting the best price for service. Being able to trust your bondsman can make the stressful process of getting yourself or your loved one out of jail a lot easier and a whole lot more comprehensive.

At Dennis Blackwell bail bonds we strive to uphold impeccable standards of honesty and morality in every transaction we oversee. Unfortunately, some other bail bonds agencies do not adhere to the same ethics.

We recently received an email from a client that was so surprising, we felt compelled to share. The email (names deleted for privacy) appears in part below.

Hi Dennis,

I spoke with you approximately 2 week ago bonding my boyfriend out of CJC.  You had given me a total $1850 down and a signature.

I decided to call around and compare when I spoke to someone at another office and told them I would probably go through your office as you were about $300 cheaper I was told, “I’d be careful he may not be in business to much longer.”  This statement kind of scared me as the thought of what would happen to the person I bonded out if you went out of business.  Does that mean the bond is revoked? Is it transferred to another bondsman?  I called back to ask the gentlemen about his statement and he informed me that “the bond would be revoked and my boyfriend back in jail.” Then he stated “I can’t guarantee this would happen but I’ve seen 15 bondsman go out of business this year.”

This almost made me go straight to another company for the bond, however, I’m glad I called to inquire about your possibly going out of business.  I’m irritated with that other bondsman’s scare tactics he is using to gain business.  I will never go through this company because of it, and I will definitely talk people out of using him and steer them towards you, an honest, trustworthy company.

Thank you for all your help!!

We find it very hard to believe that a company would try to manipulate a client in this way. Acquiring a bail bond is often a stressful and confusing event, to add to that stress by providing bad information is just plain unkind. Dennis Blackwell had been issuing bail bonds for over 20 years and he is not, nor has he ever been, close to going out of business. Instead Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds continues to thrive on its strong foundation of honesty and integrity.

We advise anyone looking for a bail bond to consult with a trusted source before deciding which company to use!