The Different Types of Jail Release Options

The Different Types of Jail Release Options

Getting arrested can be intimidating. Jail isn’t always a safe place for anyone being charged; even if your crime was minor there may be other violent criminals around you. It’s also more troublesome to arrange your defense strategy with your attorney from jail. Luckily, there are several choices to get out of jail while awaiting your trial.

Citation Release

In many circumstances for the average Joe/Jane, you may not even be taken to jail. This is primarily the case with traffic or parking tickets and minor violations of law. The officer will write you a citation at the scene of the incident and have you sign it. You are free until your court date

Own Recognizance

If you do not have a record and are not considered a possible flight risk, you may be discharged on your own recognizance. Simply put,  the court trusts you to come back for your arraignment and does not require you to pay bail. You have to sign paperwork affirming your understanding to still attend your court hearing. This is the most ideal option and best case scenario. You and your family won’t be out any money.

Cash Bail

If the court considers you a flight risk, or if you are accused of a previous crime, you must post bail in order to be released. Bail is payment held as collateral to assure you appear for your trial. If you miss your scheduled court date, you will lose the bail amount, and most likely have a warrant for your arrest.  

Property Bond

If you can’t provide the funds to post bail, an alternative is to use a property bond. A property bonds means using your home’s equity to obtain a bail loan. Your equity must be 150% of the bail amount, and this course of action may take a considerable amount of time.

Surety Bond

This is where we come in;  If you can’t post bail on your own, or do not have enough equity in your home, another option is to get a loan from a bail bonds company. The process for a bail bond calls for you to pay a small percentage of the bail amount up front. You then pay back the loan over a period of time.

Surety bonds are usually the most efficient way to rescue yourself so that you can contact your attorney from the comfort of your home. If you or a loved one has been arrested, Contact us now at Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds and let us know how we can help. We are here 24/7 for you and if you prefer to call, we can be reached at 719-390-3930.