Why We Are The Top Colorado Springs Bail Bonds Service

The public has seen bail bond agents as a mobster looking scoundrel who swindles unsuspecting people out of there money for years. This picture is borrowed from Hollywood films that use bail bond agents as an affair of the stars. However, you will soon understand why we are the top Colorado Springs provider and why our bail bond agents are the most honest, professional, efficient and ethical in town.

We are here for the defendants:

We tell clients we will be there for them during the entire court process and we mean it. That being said,  we can not provide legal advice, but we do provide information to defendants and co-signers, such as court dates, what the upcoming hearing is going to be (i.e. Pretrial Conference, Probation Hearing,…), approval of sureties if needed to continue the case until sentencing, reinstating the bail bonds, or consenting to allow travel to the defendant while on bond. Our Colorado Springs bail bonds service also knows many specialized criminal defense attorney’s that can assist you throughout the court process. We are happy to give you the contact information to many of those attorney’s along with the information to the public defender’s office. We want our clients to be set up to succeed and complete the entire court process.

Our Colorado Springs bail bonds service explains everything:

Starting out in the bail bond industry, we would observe other bail bonding services with one missing piece. They did not explain the contracts in depth to the client while completing paperwork and posting the bonds. Not disclosing all of the information to the client is wrong, deceptive, and could result in big losses for the co-signer and the bail bond service. At our Colorado Springs bail bonds service we make it a priority to go through every single line of the contract. This protects the client and it also reassures to the bail bondsman that the co-signer knows the responsibilities of this bail bond. It is a win-win for everyone involved and only takes an extra 5 minutes.

Open all day every day:

Many bail bonds offices claim to be open 24 hours a day, but over and over again we hear complaints from clients about how our bail bond service was the only one to actually pick up the phone in the early morning hours. From a business perspective, broadcasting one thing and doing another is unprofessional and should not be taking place. We are an authentic 24 hour bail bond service. When you need us for your Colorado Springs bail bonds service, give us a call.  An agent will pick up, answer all of your questions, and complete all bonds if possible.