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Though bail is a cultural touchstone for crime dramas and police television shows, not many people know a lot about it. Generally, it is understood as the amount set by a judge to be paid by someone who is due to be in court to face criminal charges. But is much known about them besides this? To the everyday person, not really. That is why in this blog we will be discussing some little-known facts about bail bonds!

Let us start off with one that might surprise you; bail is not always a sure thing. That is right! A judge can deny bail if they feel it is necessary. This is usually pertaining to more serious crimes such as murder though, so it is not extremely common. One extremely little-known fact is that bail bond laws change based on each state.

So, if the same crime is committed in Wisconsin and California, there are state laws that regulate the bail bonds for that crime. This is why it is important to choose a local and experience bail bonds provider who understands the local laws!

The next fact is that there must be someone who is responsible for the individual who is going to show up to the court to face charges, this person is called a co-signer. They ensure that the accused shows up to face their charges, and are responsible for fees if that individual does not show up. When dealing with bail bonds this person is a bail bondsman.

Now that you know a little bit more about bail bonds you can make the right choice and contact Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds today! We are a local and dependable bail bonds provider that has been servicing Colorado Springs for years! We provide 24 hours bail bonds! Check out our website for additional information.

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