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It is never easy when you or a loved one is convicted of a crime. There is always stress and uncertainty in these situations. Whether it be anxiety from when the court date is to fear about what happens after the court date. Perhaps there is no worse time of year for all of this worry and stress than around the holidays. Without having family or friends around this usually joyous time of year can turn the last of the year into a depressing and lonely occasion.

Here at Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds, we understand how important friends and family are this time of year. We also understand how busy it can feel, and how easy it is to fall behind or get overwhelmed. This is why our dedicated staff works around the clock to ensure that you can get exactly what you need during such a stressful situation.

With our 24-hour bail bonds, we make time for you, not the other way around. Our Colorado Springs community is important to us which is why we strive to provide the best and most convenient bail bonds possible. Part of our dedication to this community is ensuring timely, simple, and quality bail bonds are delivered to those who need them. The other part is offering as many resources as we can to our clients. This is why our website has a plethora of helpful links like finding court dates and court locations.

By providing these resources to those who need them, we can demystify such a difficult time. With 25 years under our belt, we continue to strive to provide the Colorado Springs and Pueblo communities with straightforward, quality bail bonds.

Contact us for your bail bond needs! Our bail bondsman Colorado Springs is ready to provide 24-hour bail bonds! Happy holidays from the Dennis Blackwell bail bonds team!

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