How do you handle it when a loved one is arrested? Here at Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds, we understand the confusion and stress that comes when you, a family member, or a friend have been arrested. There is no way to adequately prepare for such an unexpected moment in one’s life. It is with the knowledge of how hard it is to prepare that we have created this guide to help you understand the steps you may need to go through. Below we have outlined some key events that can take place when someone you care for is arrested.

Step 1: Establishing What Has Happened

Initially, there is going to be some confusion as to what has happened. There are three ways to establish if someone has been arrested. The first is to wait for a phone call from your loved one. This is a good option if you suspect they may have been arrested. If you have not heard from them for an unusual amount of time, it may be time to check around local jails. A page detailing the contact information of detention centers and municipal courts is posted at the top of our website for convenience.

Step 2: Considering Your Options

Once you have established where your loved one is, you now have some decisions to make. If they are placed in jail, do you want to post their bail? If so, then Dennis Blackwell is happy to help! We offer 24-hour bail bonds through our bondsman in Colorado Springs. Bail bonds are a good way for families to get their loved ones home without adding additional stress to the situation.

Step 3: Showing Up to Court

If your loved one gets out on bail or not, they are required to show up to their court date.

We hope this post about what to do when a loved one is arrested was helpful.

We have additional resources to help you find that date on our website! If you have any more questions, contact us whenever! We are here to help you through this process!

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