Below is a non-exhaustive list of common mistakes to avoid when posting bond to help you navigate through the process.

Lying to The Court and Bail Agency

You’re already facing some trouble and lying will damage any credibility you have. There will be consequences with the court, police, and the bail agency if you are dishonest. Keep in mind that there isn’t just verbal lying to consider. Lying on paperwork (like writing down a fake address) will also have repercussions.

Failure to Appear in Court

If you don’t show up in court, your bail is forfeited and you will likely face further consequences. You’ll be warned of this and it’s important to take that warning seriously. On top of the legal consequences, the cosigner of your bond is someone who loves and cares about you and if you skip out on your bail, they may risk losing their collateral and face having to pay the full bail amount.

Failing to Read The Conditions

There will be specific conditions to your bail and violations of these conditions can be some of the least pleasant of charges. You must show up in court, travel may be prohibited, and you may need to stay away from the alleged victim. Failing to comply with any of the conditions gives the DA leverage to tack on additional charges which could include mandatory jail time, taking probation off the table. Read and understand the conditions of your bond to be sure you’ll avoid extra penalties.

Getting Arrested a Second Time

Don’t get arrested again. Period. It’s the worst thing you can do before your court appearance. Getting arrested again runs the risk of impacting your previous charges, being slapped with a more aggressive sentence, and could leave you needing a second bond. Additionally, you could be left with an unpaid bail accruing added interest and fees. It’s best to stay on your best behavior while you’re out on bail.

What sets us apart from other bail bond companies is our experience and our compassion. Of course, our clients come to Dennis Blackwell Bail Bonds to get out of jail faster but at the same time, we understand that many who reach out to us have no previous experience with bail bonds. We will help you through the process and maintain the utmost discretion with your case.

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