In a constantly shifting world, who has time to keep up with all the jargon surrounding the complicated processes of the law and order? If you’re not a lawyer, probably not you! Here are two quick facts about a relatively unknown topic—bail bonds.

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Different Types of Bail Bonds

There are different types of bonds such as: appearance bond, property bond, cash bond, personal recognizance bond, and immigration bond to name a few. The most common of those is that of the appearance bond, also known as a surety bond. The role of this bond is to assist those who are unable to pay the set bond by allowing a bondsman to pledge the designated amount in court, there by guaranteeing the appearance of the defendant in court proceedings. Usually these types of bonds are sought out by family and friends, and acquired through contact with a bail bond agent at a bail bonds provider.

Bail bond agents, the ones who post the bail, are required by law to be licensed by the state, specifically the one they operate in. The licensing process guarantees that all of the prospective agents are trustworthy, capable, and financially accountable. They are required to pass a written test and continually renew their license to continue operating as a bail bond agent. They must also be above the age of 18. This ensures that only dedicated and specialized individuals are dealing with bail bonds.

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